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Giving Back
A partnership with Farmer Foodshare and The Friends of Orange County Dept. of Social Services

Farmer Foodshare is a nonprofit organization that provides fresh local food to food-insecure community members. At the same time, Farmer Foodshare builds healthy community food systems and enhances community economic development.


HFM is a proud host of a Donation Station for Farmer Foodshare since 2011!

How It Works

Fresh, nutritious food is donated by market shoppers. Shoppers can also donate cash that volunteers will use to purchase produce from market farmers. Farmers donate excess produce at the end of market.

Donated food goes directly to needy families through Farmer Foodshare's partnership with The Friends of Orange County Dept. of Social Services. Volunteers pick up the produce at the end of market and deliver it to food-insecure families that afternoon!

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